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Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I REALLY Enjoyed the NCRBA State Convention

We had our NC State Convention this past weekend, put on by the NCRBA. This post isn't about my wins or the fun times, etc. It's about some things the club really did well that made this such a great show this weekend.

Parking Passes: Our show is at the Greensboro Coliseum. They decided we have to start paying to park. BOOOO. However, the NCRBA club negotiated a deal where we paid only $2.00 per day to park, instead of the $8.00 they normally charge. Not only that, the club put in the catalog that we needed a parking pass and how much it would be, then emailed the passes out with our entry confirmations! We were able to flash our pass, go park, and when we checked in and paid for our entries, we simply paid the club the $2.00 per each day. Easy, no hassle, no arguing with the attendants that we got to pay less- and of course, we all knew how much we were paying and that we had to pay. It was super helpful.

No Set Up Zone: When we went to set up Friday night, imagine our delight (and surprise) to find "adjusta-tape stanchions". What are these? You know what they are :). They are the posts that have the "tape" (about like seatbelts) that you can pull out and attach to another post. They help with crowd control, they make up the lines at the bank, etc. These were used to block of a significant area in front of each judging coop. We all had to set up behind it. It was SO NICE and helpful to have that room while we were showing. It still got a little crowded (as it is going to), but it was so nice not to have to try to push grooming tables out of the way so we could get to the tables!

Big, Climate Controlled Area: The club really didn't get stingy when it came to room. We weren't crowded in on top of each other- everyone had plenty of room and it was climate controlled! It's so nice not to bake when it's warm outside or freeze when it's cold out. I love, love, love climate control!

Tryon is less impressed than I was with his BOSB trophy... he just wants to stretch out for his nap!

Flashy Trophies: This is a personal preference especially- The trophies were spectacular! Large and flashy, I really appreciated them!

Quick, Quick, Quick: I'm not sure what they did differently this time, but WOW did the shows go quick! There were plenty of judges and WHOA! We were out of the showroom by 3:00pm on the first day (after I spent a ridiculous amount of time socializing and piddling around). We were done by 1:00pm on the second day! Admittedly, I didn't have to stay for the Best In Show judging which was held at the end, but hey, this is around 2-4 hours quicker than other shows that haven't included my staying for Best In Show! I think it really allowed the show to go quicker because we waited to do that judging, rather than having the judges hang around while the last breeds were finished up, then having to take the time to round up all the BOB animals, have the judge look at them all, etc.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show. I think they had a lot of good ideas and good implementation! This is one of the reason that the NC Convention is one of my favorite shows!

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