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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Busy

Wow, I've been super busy lately! I'm working on a project that won't be revealed for a few more months- but wow, so much is going in to it!

I just realized I have something like 8 does due April 12th and April 13th. Luckily, they are the next batch that are due, so I don't have to worry about no nestboxes!

I'm hoping Saturday to rebreed the girls who didn't take this go 'round. We should be having warm weather again, so hopefully it will help the conception rates!

All the babies are growing like weeds! The shaded marten/black otter litter are some of the friendliest babies I've ever had. In fact, it's an ordeal to get the cage door open to feed them. I have to pretend I'm going to walk by the cage, then SWOOP in, fling the door open and be prepared to have my arm attached with lovin's as soon as I stick it in there. Hey though, better too friendly than not friendly at all, huh?

I've been thinking hard about cuts in the herd I'll be making around Convention time. I'm going to have to move some older stock out, which hurts my heart. I really do get attached to some of these guys. No point in keeping the dad if the son is better though, you know?

No April Fool's joke from me this year- I haven't had time to prepare one and since I think I did the "sell out" a few years ago, I'll have to get you guys some other time :D.

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