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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm so happy!

Keep's Smoke (Smoke Pearl Point) finally kindled two beautiful, healthy babies!
Lyle Creek's Minx (broken seal) kindled 4! Two are himis/broken himis though and will not go in to the breeding program.
Keep's Bahama (siamese sable) kindled 4, a peanut, one that didn't get out of the birth sac and two healthy babies!

TB's China Dolla ended up having 2 DOAs, but she'll be rebred soon, along with the other two does that didn't take.

I have two does due on Tuesday that are nesting! After that, I have a few does due on Thursday, then a few more due after that. :)

I'm so happy with the litters! I'm going to evaluate Smoke's litter maintenance ability. If her babies seem to be getting along well, I may foster off Bahama's kids so I can keep her open for Convention babies! Her son Panda is the one who took 3rd at Convention this year, so I definitely want to have more juniors out of her ready!

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