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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feed Situation Update

Well- I can scratch one potential brand of feed off my list! The only feed store in 50 miles that can carry it doesn't have it, doesn't care enough about my business to order it and was so flippant and unhelpful that I wouldn't trust them to carry it anyway! Boo!

So now I'm left trying to either convince Tim that a 45 minute drive (one way) is really the best way to go as far as getting rabbit feed, or else come up with some other type of game plan. It's looking like I may have to start mixing feed. Joy!

I did email Purina to let them know I am having trouble with their feed. I am hoping that they do something about it or at least get back to me and it's not a situation where I offend them by saying "hey...this isn't really going great right now." I've always loved Purina and I've been a big supporter of them in the past. I really hope that we can have a respectful dialogue on the problems I'm experiencing!

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