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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Greensboro Show Results

Ok, here we go! I did pretty well in Greensboro! I'm only going to hit the highlights, with the group or class wins, or we'll be here all day :).

Show A- Judge Rusty Westhoff

Keep's Calypso- 1/2
Keep's Cairo- 1/9, BOG
Keep's Epiphany- 1/6- BOSG

Show B- Judge Todd Narragon

Keep's Tryon- 1/9, BOG, BOSB
Keep's Epiphany- 1/6 BOSG
Keep's KBT- 1/3
Keep's Rah- 1/2, BOSG

Show C- Judge Julie Uneo

Keep's Calypso- 1/2
Keep's Heart Throb- 1/9 BOG
Keep's Prancer- 1/6, BOSG
Keep's KBT- 1/3
Keep's Rah- 1/1, BOSG

Show D- Judge Josh Humphries

Keep's Opal- 1/2, BOSG
Keep's Tryon- 1/8
Keep's Prancer- 1/7
Keep's KBT- 1/3 BOG
Keep's Rah- 1/1, BOSG

Specialty- Judge Briony Barns

Keep's Calypso- 1/2
Keep's Epiphany- 1/8 BOSG
Keep's KBT- 1/2

Overall, I was VERY pleased with my placings, especially in light of the feed issues I've been having. Almost all the woolies are blowing their coats to pieces right now- except the juniors who most need to do it. Isn't that always how it works out?

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