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Friday, March 11, 2011

Show Coming Up!

The Greensboro show (NCRBA puts it on and it is our State Convention) is coming up very soon! Joni over at Lyle Creek is coming to stay Friday and Saturday. I can't wait, I plan on putting her through her paces as soon as she gets here- we had better hope for good weather, because I want her to take a look at everyone in the barn!

I am especially looking forward to having her confirm or deny my choices of several rabbits to sell. I value having someone else look at the faults and strengths of a rabbit. If an animal has too many faults, it never makes it to the sales list!

Greensboro is one of my favorite shows. We always have such a great turnout. It's well run and we get a ton of different judges (ones we don't normally see) and the awards are usually so nice and unique!

I'm starting to think of who I am going to bring- usually it falls that I have so many I WANT to show I have to make hard cuts! I'm especially tickled this year because I think I'll have some animals in classes I don't normally show in. :).

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