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Friday, March 4, 2011

Waiting Game

Well, I'm slap in the middle of a waiting game.

Minx (broken seal) and Chapel Hill (black) have had nests built for days. Chapel Hill hasn't pulled wool yet, but Minx seems to be adding to it daily. Her wool is so loose on her right now that I accidentally pulled a hunk out- it had NO resistance! I'm thinking she'll go soon.

I have seen no interest in the nest box from Sweet Dreams (tort) and Flirt (black). China Doll (chestnut) kicked all her hay out the first night and has ignored it since then.

Smoke, my Smoke Pearl Point, ate all the hay out of her box last night. I went in this morning and she'd gathered up the few pieces she missed and pulled a tiny bit of wool and tried to make a nest out of it. Stupid rabbit, don't eat all your hay, THEN make a nest! I rebuilt the nest, gave her some munching/play hay and rearranged her wool. Maybe this means she'll FINALLY give me a litter! I was thinking about letting her roll if she didn't kindle this time.

So, hopefully we'll have some litters very soon! My next does are due Tuesday and Thursday of next week, so boxes will have to go in soon for them as well.

If I get any particularly small litters, I am thinking about doing some fostering around. That way I can leave more does open to breed for Convention babies later on. We'll see how it works out though.

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