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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Terrible happenings


One of the does ate all the hay out of her nestbox, ate most of the wool out of her nestbox- then ate one and a half of her babies. Two escaped when I guess they were kicked out of the box, but one froze to death and I've been trying unsuccessfully to revive the last one. They were a week old.

On top of that, Epiphany's singleton froze. I'm also trying to revive it, but I don't expect it to come back around.

In just one night, I lost over half of my young babies. I'm especially disturbed by the doe that murdered her babies. She will be leaving the rabbitry- fatally, unless her breeder wants her back. I won't tolerate what she's done, especially because she's a brood doe- her only purpose IS to have babies and to take care of them.

I'm so upset and disgusted, I just don't know what else to say.

Keep's Rabbitry


Whitney said...

So sorry Keep :( Baby bunnies are heartbreaking.. the frozen kit I saved ended up loosing the tips of its ears and its toes due to frost bite.. *hugs to you*

April said...

I'm sorry Keep.

Keep said...

Thanks guys! :( I am happy that at least the others are still healthy and happy.

Anna Wagner said...

Just curious as to which doe it was that murdered her babies. I hope my doe is doing ok.

Keep said...

Hey Anna! It was a broken siamese sable doe named Minx.

Flirt is doing great! She doesn't want to have me babies (grr lol) but she's a piggy and is doing just fine :)