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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rabbit Smarties

Have you heard of Rabbit Smarties? It's a line of resources developed by Ellyn Eddy. She was the two-time runner up for ARBA Queen (2007 & 2008). She was the Michigan State Rabbit Queen 2008, ARBA Educational Contest Winner (2007, 2008) and has a list of other achievements a mile long.

Keep's Rabbitry has recently partnered with Ellyn and is now an authorized seller of the Rabbit Smarties line of products! I will have sample pages of the books with me at the NCRBA Show in Greensboro on March 19-20th. I am available to answer questions at any time!

Rabbit Smarties is a book of 115+ activities with a rabbit theme! It is important to have a working knowledge of rabbit raising practices and show standards to complete some of the word searches, crossword puzzles, picture games and other puzzles. This is a very poplar study aid for 4-H groups and ARBA royalty contestants, though folks of all ages will enjoy it! It is full color and contains 68 pages. It runs $15.00+ shipping

The Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide is the bestselling publication to date. The Study Guide is rich in advice on rabbit care, health, showing, breeding and includes expert study tips for contests like 4-H showmanship and ARBA Royalty. The pages MAY BE REPRODUCED for use in a club setting. 72 full color pages include an abundance of charts and photos! $20.00+ shipping

A Book About Bunny Colors is a practical breeder's guide to understanding coat color genetics in a way that can quickly help you in your breeding. Application -based explanations teach you to anticipate the outcomes of your litters, identify unknown varieties, develop a color breeding program, eliminate color faults and more! Relaxed language, at-a-glance charts and 80+ color photos make color genetics much less daunting! 64 full color pages. $20.00+ shipping

Cavy Savvy 2-in-1: Study Guide and Activity Book. Cavy Savvy is a combination study guide and activity book all about guinea pigs. The study guide section includes advice from successful breeders on purchasing, showing, grooming, breeding and caring for cavies. Cavy Savvy 2-in-1 is ideal for both the novice guinea pig owner and for youth studying for ARBA Royalty contests. 60 pages of full color! $20 + shipping

Bunny Smarties contains 70+ activities to please and puzzle the young and old. Includes bunny themed word searches, mazes, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, coloring pages and picture games to help you learn about rabbits. Suitable for classrooms, gifts and novice rabbit owners! Includes color photos and an answer key. 48 full color pages! $12.00 + shipping

You can check out more information here!

You are welcome to place an order with me, or place an order directly on the website! I just ask that if you place your order directly, please let Ellyn know you heard about the smarties from Keep! :D

Keep's Rabbitry

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