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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well this imaginatively titled post "Update" is going to be a bit plain.

Poor Keep's Cupid. In her first litter since she's returned home from her fruitful "vacation" in Pennsylvania, she kindled several days too early and none of her four kits survived. They were slightly underformed and even if she had made a better nest, I don't believe they would have survived.

It was very depressing to find, especially since Cupid is a very expressive doe. She told me louder than words that she was sad her babies hadn't made it- but she was proud of them all the same. I gave her a head rub and to her distress took her nestbox away. I plan on giving her a bit of a rest and then breeding her again.

I'm getting requests for Convention animals already! I appreciate the folks who have inquired, it's been a very pleasant experience so far, with everyone giving me a good idea of what they are looking for and in a nice tone! Now we'll have to see if the rabbits comply with the color and gender requests. I have high hopes for this breeding season, judging by the luck I've had with litters so far!

Keep's Chapel Hill still hasn't kindled, though she spruced her nest up a bit today. If she doesn't kindle tonight, tomorrow I plan on giving her some Tums to help stimulate labor. She's very overdue and I'm starting to worry. I'm not really expecting live babies at this point, though I did have a doe go to Day 38 and kindle a live litter!

I'm waiting on two does now who were due Tuesday and another pair that are due tomorrow. I tend to "schedule" their due dates as a day or two in advance of their actual due dates. That way I know that even if the girls go early, they'll have their nestboxes already in.

Keep's Rabbitry

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