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Monday, March 28, 2011

An Odd Doe

I have a doe that I can't get to have babies. She's never even had so much as a DOA litter in the YEAR AND A HALF I've been trying her. Yeah- I'm a glutton for punishment.

Recently, she missed yet another opportunity. I left her nestbox in with her because she's in a bottom cage and frankly, I just forgot to take it out.

She's been pulling wool! Let me be clear, she's 2 weeks past her due date. She hasn't palp'd positive ever. Each day though, I go out and there is a little more wool in her box.

My plan is to wait until our current cold snap is over and remove her box- and give her a roommate! Oh yes, she's going to be moving in with a buck to live for a month or so. After that month, she's headed back to her cage to hopefully kindle a nice litter.

If she doesn't respond to this, I'll be forced to move her on, either as a pet or in some other way.

Fingers are crossed!

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