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Monday, September 1, 2008

Rough times in the rabbitry

Well, to start off with the only bit of good news- the little black tort "Pocket Angora" went of to his home. Spoiled rotten? Oh...I think so. I've been happy with the homes these little guys have gone to so far- it's so wonderful when parents are as excited or more so than the kids getting the rabbit, and that's how most of my pet sales have been lately! So hooray! I keep clinging to that because..

My absolutely most beautiful and favorite Jersey Wooley buck just bit the ever loving crap out of me. It HURT, but I think the shock got me more than the pain. I haven't been bitten in years and it's just hard to wrap my mind around! I was taking a doe out of his cage. He'd bred her, they snuggled, nothing was going on, it was time for her to leave- and he lashed out and latched on. This buck will not breed outside of his cage (of course). I guess he's on the strike system now. 2 more, and he's gone, G.C. or not.

The doe he was breeding had her babies, but of course both didn't make it. I lost her whole litter earlier this summer- they were beautiful, so it breaks my heart she didn't kindle a live litter this go 'round.

The other two does still haven't kindled, and they are overdue by 4 days. I guess I have to chalk them up to a loss and rebreed.

*sigh* A bit frustrating!

I'm also currently struggling with whether to sell out the mini lops or not. They've had a large herd reduction already. :(

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