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Saturday, September 13, 2008

For Sale!

They can be held until Convention. Please contact me for my policy on that.

Available at the Greensboro Show

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** Hamilton's Cherry Coke- Broken Black Tort Sr. Doe
She's due tomorrow, will be for sale immediately if she misses her litter, or available after the litter weans if I can't foster.

Coke has thrown some very nice babies. She's light on her pattern & a bit long in her body. She's got a nice head, good bone. A very nice doe in general. Would make an excellent brood doe.

Fatboy's Tyson- Chestnut Sr. Buck- ML- 1 leg, pending 1 leg.

Smaller mini lop buck. I wish he had a bigger head. He's thrown me some really cute babies, so I think it's time to move him on. Great ears/crown, nice overall buck. Would be an excellent starter buck.

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The Nature Trail's Bowser - Solid Senior Buck-HL

This guy is full brother to Lord. Excellent lines behind him, this guy has the most massive head I've ever seen on an animal. Pictures don't even do it justice. He's got excellent bone, a beautiful animal all around. I love his butt! Is a large buck.

user posted image

Huckleberry's Ms. Lady- Senior Smoke Pearl Doe- HL

I'm going to get a picture of this girl when she's not mad at me- she pulls her ears back and makes them look much worse than in real life. Marys, Mtns and BBF lines. Excellent brood doe, excellent mother. I showed her right before her last litter and she did win her class 1/4 with great comments from the judge. She has nice thick, well furred ears, a nice head and crown. Good, thick body overall, VERY nice doe.


ADORABLE Smoke Pearl wooley doe! BEST wool ever, it's ridiculous. She was my keeper, until her ears started looking like they wanted to lop. huh.gif Bizarre, but oh so cute!

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