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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greensboro Show!

*WHEW* Someone remind me that next year we are NOT going to do all three shows lol. I'm tired!

Well, let's skip ahead to the highlights-

Keep's Forest- Self Sr B.- Show A: BOSB under Brian Hartzell
Keep's Dreamer- Self Jr D- Show A: 1/5- first leg!

Keep's Zephrim- BJB- Show B: 1/5- first leg

Mini Loppers- excellent comments in Show B & C, they were too small to really compete, I should have left them at home :). Tim said they were weighed to make sure they made junior minimum weight. Oops, just wanted to show them one last time I guess!

Bandit the Belgian Hare! He just turned senior and was underweight in the first two shows, but made weight in Show C. As he was the only belgian, he did take BOB, but I was happy to hear the wonderful comments he got! We also showed him off to anyone who happened to ask "what is that?!" Promotion has begun!

I want to say- I loved this show. It was tiring and a bit frustrating towards the end because we were tired, but we had NEW JUDGES! Folks we don't get EVERY.....SINGLE......SHOW. I love Brian Hartzell especially, as you may have guessed since he is the only name I recall :). I really feel like he has an excellent touch, really knows what to look for in the wooled and small breeds- I value his opinion. This is not just because I got BOSB under him either guys lol. You'll notice Zephrim did better under a different judge.

As per usual, I didn't get to sit around and talk to everyone as much as I wanted and I was NEVER at my set up area. I have hopes with the mini lop sell out, I'll have more time to socialize :). We'll be getting up pictures soon of what is for sale. I will probably be adding a few more minis I had originally thought about hanging on to.

Oh, before I forget it- you all have seen pictures of the smoke pearl holland doe I had for sale- if you haven't, run over to my sales page and take a look at her picture. Awful picture, right? I told her as soon as I set up to my friend Cindy, who within 5 minutes of purchase had another offer on her! I believe she continued to get offers throughout the day, so guys, really-truly- believe me when I say my pictures can make any rabbit look terrible lol!

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April said...

Sounds like a really awesome show!