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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's that time. sad.gif Tim has decided he no longer wants to work with the mini lops.

Plenty of Juniors, some out of Velotta's Joe (14 legs) x "B" (1 leg) will be available at a later date, please email me to be put on that waiting list.

Silent Spring's Morning Mist- Sr. Chinchilla doe- proven.
Morning Mist is a good looking doe. She's got a nice head, good width, good depth. She's a PORKER so you really have to watch her feed.

Hoppin's Alexis- Sr. Broken blue doe- proven
Gorgeous doe. Big buck head, beautiful width, depth, she's an excellent rabbit.

Fatboy's Kris- Broken Chestnut Sr. Doe-proven 3 legs
Tight body. It's beautiful. It won her 3 junior legs (including a BOB). She's also won a BIS for the "All other breed" show when we didn't have a mini lop specialty. Her biggest fault is her narrow head.

Fatboy's Tyson- Solid Chestnut Sr. Buck- proven (1 leg, 1 pending)- does have interest in him-
He's a small buck, would work well with Morning Mist and Alexis, who both tend to be on the larger side. Tyson just won BOB at the Mountain State Fair, which accounts for his pending leg that I expect him to receive but do not have yet. Good body, would like him to have a bigger head.

Juniors from: Keep's Basheba x Fatboy's Tyson- mostly chestnuts. Will be evaluated in time for Greensboro. Several bucks & does

More than likely, I'll also have a junior doe available out of Fatboy's Kris x Fatboy's Tyson, chestnut, won her class twice at Mtn State Fair, no leg.

Keep's Rabbitry

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