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Monday, September 8, 2008

Fair Experiences!

Wow, it was a fun two days!

Joni came up the night before the fair to stay with us- she helped me cull and had to go through every junior in my barn I think :). We also both lucked out and sold all but a few of our pet rabbits to some awesome folks that called me that afternoon. We scarfed up some pizza and headed to bed- early for us, but late for her!

We got up Saturday morning and headed to the fair- oh man, I love the little stalls they gave us to set up in! No one encroached upon us and it was easy to shut the stall when we wanted to spend some time at the main part of the fair. A youth I brought along won BOB with a fuzzy holland that Joni bred. He was thrilled!

I managed an excellent 17 first and second place ribbons! I did have a mini lop DQ'd...she turned in to a he! But found an excellent pet home right after :). Only one other rabbit placed outside of the top 2, and he took a 4th in Show A. So it was an excellent show day! I can't wait for them to finish the molts.

I met a ton, and I do mean a TON of pet folks or future pet owners. Hopefully I did some educating to everyone on how great a pet is, and we struck up an impromptu class on what made my 2 pet JW does pet quality, rather than show quality!

Thanks to Brandi, Joni and Malena for yelling at me and helping me get my animals on the table! Someone forgot poor Keep's Tryon so he ended up competing in the wool class for which he wasn't entered! When I told the judge what had happened and pulled him, she asked if I was serious, then told me I was taking her second place animal! WOW! I pulled Tryon from my sales list, because I just can NOT decide between him and his brother. I guess the Triple in Greensboro will make my decision for me!

We walked the fair with Brandi, Pete and Trace, scooping up free stuff and drooling over the barn examples they had!

Afterward, they came back and I let Brandi drool over the juniors she foolishly sold me (muwahahahhaaha- love ya Brandi!) and she picked up No, a little black otter buck. I'm thinking now I should have kept him instead of Maybe-So, but he's going to a friend, so that's ok. :)

We all went out to eat at O'Charleys and had a great time :). I wish all my rabbit buddies lived in a tight little 30 minute circle from me- I'd never be home!

Happily, my sales list is down to one rabbit! All the rats have found homes and two kittens went to their new home :) It's been a busy, busy few days!

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