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Sunday, September 28, 2008

BL's Bunny Barn

Since we've delayed leaving until tomorrow, I've got time for a blog!

We headed down to visit Brandi, Pete & Trace at BL's Bunny Barn this weekend. We had planned on going to a Weenie Race and letting Roxy show her stuff, but unfortunately it was rained out! NO!!

However, it did give me the opportunity for uninterrupted visiting! That's something I don't get a lot :).

We went over the rabbits in Brandi's barn and I've got to say- drool. That's it. Drool. She's got some VERY promising super babies, as well as some really adorable juniors and seniors! We've just got to teach her how to make it through the uglies without selling the best :lol:.

Thanks to Pete, I've got some ideas on how to make a relatively inexpensive, portable rabbitry! Wheee!!

We also got to go see their new house! TONS of potential, especially where the animals are concerned! I can't wait to see the new barn they are planning, the pastures, the quarantine room (oh yeah, you read that right...they are going to do it up RIGHT!)

It was so much fun! I love Bunny People Slumber Parties! :lol:

Keep's Rabbitry

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lorrie said...

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