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Monday, September 22, 2008

Convention Entries

I can't put it off any longer. I just can't. After lunch, I have to march myself outside, take a deep breath and choose my Convention entries. The pride of my barn, those who will represent my efforts since the beginning.


So many paranoid thoughts, so little time to think them ALL. What if they all blow their coats? What if I don't choose him because she looks better and then she goes blah? What if those juniors aren't ready? What if those seniors are still too young? What if, What if, What if?

I told myself I'm not taking a lot of animals. My maximum limit will be 5. At $12 an entry, that's $60. I know, I know- if I'm already spending the gas money to get there, the hotel fee etc, why nitpick over the entry fees? You've got to cut money somewhere, after all gas this time last year was much cheaper. We didn't anticipate the costs would rise so quickly.

Ahh well, I suppose I shouldn't be sitting here blogging. I should be out in the barn, trying to look in to my crystal ball and choose my entries.

On a related note- we've now entered "pick up first day" in our sales. This means there will be no coop for the sales animals, as I am not entering anything not already prepaid. :) I won't hold any in the hotel room either, beyond a single night so you will have to pick up your animal Saturday or Sunday, or risk not receiving it.

Ok, I'm gonna head out and MAKE A DECISION! I hope.

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