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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back Sprain

Keep's Future came up with a back sprain last night. Of course, when I first found him, I immediately snatched him up, put him in a carrier and brought him in to the house in quarantine until I could be sure of the problem.

It never hurts to treat every injury/problem as the worst case scenario.

But no, it turns out it's a sprained back. Little goober was probably showing off for the doe that just moved in next door. He's such a ham.

He's got vitamins and electrolytes in his water, a crushed up tums in his food in case of a calcium deficiency and he's packed in with hay- half of which he's eaten or shoved out of his carrier. This is going to be fun, trying to nurse him back to health!

It hurts my feelings a little, this guy was one I was considering for Convention! Ah well though, I'd rather it be a back sprain than a broken back, or something he could pass on to others!

Cindy out in Myrtle Beach is sending me some weeping willow tree branches! They provide pain relief for the bunnies. Unfortunately I have none around here (that I know of) so he'll have to wait a few days! I don't mind keep some on hand though :).

Keep's Rabbitry

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