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Friday, August 29, 2008

The trouble with early entries.

I had to send my entries in to the Mountain State Fair by August 13th. The problem? The show isn't until September 6th!

Right now, babies I didn't think would be ready to show are looking good. My preferred show line up- looking TERRIBLE. Two of my bucks have blown their coats so badly that one has a mohawk running down his back and the other has absolutely no density to his wool.

My sale rabbits - half of them look terrible and the other half are well on their way to joining the others in the land of no fur.

Of course, no substitutions are allowed, and I had to send my money off already. So those bucks that 2 weeks ago I was hoping would be finished with their molts, aren't. Daily, others are blowing their coats.

That is the trouble with early entry shows. We're expected to be able to look into our crystal balls and see who will be in coat and who won't. Never mind if there is a heat wave or other unforeseeable circumstances.

Well, I'll chalk it up to free fair entry, opinions on bodies and an opportunity to spend time with my rabbit friends!

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