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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Herd Reduction-

Due to rising costs of feed, I need to really move some animals!

They can be held until Convention. Please contact me for my policy on that.

Available at the Mtn State Fair & Greensboro Show

Animals will be priced to move. Discount on multiple purchases.

user posted image
English Angora/ Jersey Wooley Mixes. 1 Chestnut doe, 1 black doe, 1 Chestnut buck,

user posted image
user posted image
NGF Neota- Tort- Senior Doe (HL)- red Seal registered.
NGF Leota x Saynora's Solitaire.

This girl- wow, lines lines lines. Most is Saynora, THF, Camelot, Audrey. Her head is very doeish and she has a slipped crown. However, her daddy has 35+ legs, and her mom has 3. She's got so many winning animals in her ped I think she's worth taking a chance on to see what she will throw. I need to keep her, but I need cage space more. She's got a nice wide body and a good butt-ruffle!

user posted image
** Keep's Lola- Broken Siamese Sable Jr. Doe
LBF's Zapp x Huckleberry's Ms. Lady

She's a great way to get some color in to your herd with solid lines behind her. She's a baby so it's harder to judge type. She's not going to be a BUD. She needs to grow in to her ears which are a bit long at this point. Both ears are milk dipped. Price is going to go up on both babies as their quality becomes more evident.

**Keep's Boy Blue- Broken Blue Mini Lop Jr Buck SOLD BS in NC
Hoppin's Alexis x Velotta's Joe

**Tula's Place Krys- Siamese Sable Sr. Doe SOLD K in PA

**Keep's No - Black Otter Jersey Wooley Jr. Buck SOLD B in NC

**Keep's Tryon- Siamese Sable Sr. Jersey Wooley Buck
Wooligans Raleigh x Hamilton's Lil Monty

I wanted to keep this guy a little longer, but with feed prices I just can't. He's also a smaller buck, will never go overweight unless he is allowed to eat a bag of food a day. Beautiful short ears. He's working on a molt right now. Nice body, beautiful little guy, I believe he won his class several times as a baby.

user posted image
** Hamilton's Cherry Coke- Broken Black Tort Sr. Doe
She's due tomorrow, will be for sale immediately if she misses her litter, or available after the litter weans if I can't foster.

Coke has thrown some very nice babies. She's light on her pattern & a bit long in her body. She's got a nice head, good bone. A very nice doe in general. Would make an excellent brood doe.

***HHR's Wish Upon A Star- Chinchilla Senior doe- 2 legs
Stauber's Sabrina x Bell's Leon de Giovanni

Nice head on her. Going through a terrible molt right now. I wish she had more width throughout the body. Would make a good brood doe.

user posted image Pending
Wooley Boogers Gracie- Black
Gorgeous- I love her so much. She's won 2 legs, but at the moment I can only find one >.< Pending
Sabrina- need to check pedigree.- Black Tort Proven, excellent mother. Smaller English Angora than the other. Will have excellent wool when it grows back in from having her litter.

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