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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dog Toy Trouble

This isn't rabbit related, but I want to help warn as many people as possible, so here goes-


That is a link to the story of a dog named Chai, who recently had to have his tongue amputated due to a flaw in a toy design. The company doesn't care about the financial hardship they've caused the owner because of medical bills and doesn't care that several animals have been hurt the same way. The problem is the toy will continue to cause horrible accidents like this, if something isn't done about it.

So please, take a moment to read the story if you have dogs. Maybe forward it on if you don't, or if you find this something folks need to know.

And remember- always monitor the state of your pet's toys, whether they be rabbit toys, cat toys or something else. If they get worn, throw them away. Monitor your dogs when they chew on their toys. Let's keep our pets safe at all cost :).

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