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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Excellent Pet Sale!

One of the chestnut "Pocket Angora" does went to her new home today.

I have to say, when you have a good pet sale, it REALLY sticks out in your mind. This lady was awesome! She didn't expect the babies to cuddle right up in her lap immediately like puppies- and of course, they didn't. She asked good questions based on things she had read, showing planning. She also listened to things I had to say, without trying to dispute facts based on some half cocked website on the internet.

In the end, one of the babies climbed into her lap and she knew who she wanted!

She even made plans for bunny-sitting in September. She and her husband will be heading out on a 10 day trip and she wants to make sure someone responsible and knowledgeable takes care of her new baby.

Such a great experience makes up for all the insincere information requests, the flakeouts, and all the other hazards of selling pet rabbits. :)

It's a good day!

Keep's Rabbitry

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