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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Showable Pets

To steal the term from Michael over at Silent Springs Rabbitry- I love my showable pets.

Let's see- I started out with a pair of lionheads. They were fun and I learned so much about the breed and what they are working towards.

I sold the lionheads and picked up Gracie & Blizzard, a pair of English Angoras. Oh man. I love the angoras, especially Gracie! I was sent an adorable EA from Krys in PA, who was accidentally pregnant by a mischievous jersey wooley. It's been a journey with these babies!

Now, I'm in the process of selling the EAs ( :( It's hard letting them go!).

I'll be presenting my next showable pet in a few days!

So- why? Why waste cage space on pets? I LOVE learning about the new animals, it's best to learn a breed hands on, in my opinion.

It's fun! It's a stress reliever! I buy a nice pair or trio, enjoy them, then sell them out when I'm tired of them or ready to find a new set of animals. I get to learn the new breed without the pressure of my main three breeds, without devoting the holes to a "real" breed- and I get to meet a new set of exhibitors!

It's a joy to piddle with a new set of animals, I get to own a lot of my dream pets- you should try it sometime, especially if you are finding yourself getting frustrated with your show animals. Sit down and think "What's a breed I'd love to have?" Then go buy a pair :). Who knows, maybe you'll find a future second breed! Or maybe you'll just be like me and enjoy the newbies while they are with you, then pass them on and look for the next new experience.

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Lana said...

I had a showable pet once... but she ate too much food...

(btw I second nominating you for a Brillante Web blog...looks like Cristina already beat me to it... lol)

Lauren said...

I did the same thing when I had bunnies....I just loved learning about the new breeds and stuff, problem was I got too attached and had a hard time selling them. haha. Ok I lied, I pretty much never sold them. >.<