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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saving Time & Money

Ok, here are my thoughts on how to save money and make time for your herd! We all know for some folks the current price of gas (which affects EVERYTHING) is really a killer! So how can we be smart about our purchases?

*Attend less shows.
You know that show that's 5 hours away that EVERYONE will be attending? Skip it! Especially if there is a closer show coming up. You save the gas money, the entry fees and food money! I have a "minimum". If 5 rabbits aren't show worthy, I don't go.

*Show fewer rabbits.
When you make it to shows, don't show everyone in the barn! Leave the GC with 13 legs at home. Rule out the babies who still have baby coats. That doe that is looking a little rough after her last litter- keep her home. Only take animals you expect to place well or really need opinions on. Besides, sometimes your fellow breeders can provide just as good opinions free of charge!

*Bulk Discount?
At tractor supply, you can get a bulk discount on feed if you buy a pallet worth. This is going to be a huge sting right at first, but essentially you can end up with a free bag of food or better. Consider splitting a pallet with a friend who feeds the same amount you do! Besides, with feed prices going up, at least you lock up a considerable amount of it at the lesser outrageous price!

*Talk to nearby breeders about carpooling!
With the pair of you splitting the gas, it takes some of the sting out of your wallet! Hey, you can even pretend it's the "good old days" when gas was only $1.75!

*Cull, cull, cull.
I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm offering dual prices for a few of my rabbits. One, lower price, is the pet price, the other is the pedigreed price. Several of these have excellent pet personalities. Others are brood animals that could be wonderful pets!

*Cull, Cull, Cull
Yep, still cull! Move out bucks you don't use as much, does that are getting older, babies that aren't going to outshine their parents. This will make chores take less time, and you will be spending less on feed and bedding!

*Budget your time!
So, you're feeling the time crunch, you culled, and you still don't have enough time? What about that bit of time where you veg out on the couch for an hour? Appropriate that time to pull up a chair to a grooming table and either groom, practice posing, or just love on your bunnies!

*Cut it in half!
No, not your herd, we're past culling now lol. If you still can't pull more time out of your schedule, cut the barn in half. After feeding and watering, go to the first 20 cages and dispense love, treats and posing practice. Tomorrow, go to the next 20. If you need to, even cut the barn in 3rds!

I hope that helps!

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§ilver §kittles said...

Thanks for the tips Kristen!!! This helped ALOT!

Lana said...

lovely advice... now I just need to actually follow it.. ha ha!