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Friday, August 1, 2008

Goodbye Summer!

Well, the summer is winding down now! Soon there will be less worry about heat in the rabbitry.

My babies are growing up! Breeding has wound down a little, I only have a few litters due in August. I'll start the Fall breedings at the end of the month, careful not to have anyone due while I'll be gone for Convention!

I'm thrilled to death with this past summer's breedings. I truly am, especially in the woolies and hollands! My minis are looking good as well, I've culled down the litter of 7 to three keepers- 2 does and a buck! They'll be culled down more after they show a bit.

As I get all these beautiful babies, I begin to worry about who to let go and who to keep- how to move out animals I've gotten attached to, or sentimental choices, like foundation stock!

That can wait for a little while though. Right now, I just want to enjoy my babies and look forward to the fall shows!

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