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Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting ready!

Well, not a ton has been happening around here lately. We're gearing up for the Fall Show Season.

First up is the Mtn. State Fair in Fletcher on September 6th. Then we've got Greensboro on September 20th. I'm debating staying home from October shows, because the last week in October is National Convention!

I purchased my catalog and the parking pass today. Hooray! I can't believe it's so close.

I've sent out feelers to find a Belgian Hare doe, as well as picking up the odd holland. I'm hoping to purchase just a few rabbits and then close my woolies as well as my hollands. I'm thrilled that I have a solid Holland doe locked in- I can't wait to get her back here!

We've sold quite a few juniors, which is great! Can't keep all the babies, after all, and I desperately need the cage space! I've still got a large number of adults available, I need to get out there and take pictures. Listing them on my website might help too.

I've wormed some of the rabbits I hope to be showing in a few weeks. Fingers crossed they push through their molts in time! I'll be using the blower to stimulate hair and wool growth :).

Laurie Stroupe announced she will be selling out of her hollands. She joins an ever growing list of folks who are either feeling the crunch of the economy, or the time crunch- too much to do, not enough time. If anyone has tips on making time for bunnies in a hectic life or money saving tips, email me! I'd love to do a blog on this in the near future!

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