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Friday, April 23, 2010


I ended up losing Kira's litter. I'm not sure why- they had a nice nest with PLENTY of fur, nice full bellies and it's not super cold outside, but they chilled and died anyway :(.

Ah well, I guess at least I can say she's started. I plan on giving her a few days off and then breeding her again.

I moved the doe that is kind of thin to another cage. Sometimes just a change of scenery can do amazing things for appetite or desire to breed.

I still have a pair of martenized AOV Jersey Wooly babies to pet out- I think they'll be so nice in type, but the color is unshowable and I'm not interested in trying to "fix it" to get showable babies. I rebred their mother to a self that doesn't carry AOV (to my knowledge), so I'm really hoping this next litter will repeat in type, just with showable colors!

I've reached the point of no return with another 3 does- this is basically where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they aren't pregnant. SIGH. 2 of them were Hollands and one was a wooly. I've also got a Belgian Hare I really don't think is going to have babies either.

I wish there were more shows coming up- it seems like there is a big hole until the end of May when there is a show in Columbia, SC and the next weekend a show in Taylorsville.

I have some REALLY cute earrings that will be available for sale soon. I can't wait to get the rest of my supplies so I can get to work on them... :D Until then though, I guess this part is just a little teaser...buwahahaha.

So glad it's Friday!! I have a friend coming in this weekend that I can't wait to see and unwind with :D.

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