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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Babies soon?

I put in three nestboxes today- I'm hoping for a lot of babies soon!

My REW doe that I suspect carries tan pattern is already pulling hair like CRAZY. She's not supposed to be due until the 30th, but is too tense for me to palpate. I gave her a box anyway and put most of her pulled wool in there, just in case I made a mistake writing down her due date. Most of these babies will probably be for sale, I'm not very interested in the tan pattern class at this time, but am hoping to pull a self from her. She was bred to Keep's Shocker, full brother to Keep's Tar Heel who is now living in California, so I REALLY hope she delivers and all is well.

Kira and Melanie, two holland does, are also due. I'm a bit concerned about Melanie, she's dropped a lot of weight recently for no reason I can tell- I'm going to change her food dish and see if that helps any.

Kira I KNOW is pregnant- she palp'd positive and has turned in to a mean little witch, lunging at open cage doors, the feed cup, the food dish, air.... I'll be glad when she kindles! Hopefully she will calm down once the babies are here.

The last doe due is Imagination's Gem, a belgian hare. I took her to enjoy the litter, but was unable to palpate her. Belgians are HARD, they are so huge and have a lot of area to cover when palpating. If Gem doesn't take, she and Ariel will be going with Whitney up to Virginia to make babies for a while. I'm selling out of the herd and Whitney has first option to purchase any of the does. Otherwise, I am forming a waiting list.

Whitehouse's Jasmine is Ariel's mother and a proven brood doe. She's not been shown.

Keep's Ariel is a gorgeous, showy doe with a promising show career ahead of her. Her two littermate brothers have both taken BOBs. She's only been shown once and at 8 months old, but couldn't quite beat Gem for the class.

-Kristen Drum
Keep's Rabbitry

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