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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's almost Here!

Yesterday none of the due does popped- eurgh!

I did at least manage to get some nails clipped, some bunnies groomed and pedigrees printed and stuffed in their envelopes! Tim is going to drop them off in the mail for me today. :).

My grooming box contains scissors, a sharpie (for coop numbers in the right ear, IF that is necessary at this show), nail clippers, the tattoo'er (I'm still hoping to get them touched up today after work, but might was well be prepared), business cards and a brush. OH and some quick-stop in case a nail breaks or we reclip and it bleeds.

I haven't even packed my clothes yet and we're still freaking out and trying to find a dog sitter. We thought we had someone and as it came down to the wire... well anyway, anyone want to take one or possibly three dogs for a weekend? You know you wanna! I don't want to board them, that would be $75 per day for all three and I just don't have that kind of money to throw around. Wonder how Joni would feel sharing her bed with two weenie dogs and a corgi? lol

I still need to print out my entry confirmations as well as my hotel confirmations. I don't want to take the chance that any of these records get lost!

We got the car cleaned out any emptied of any superfluous items, so that's a plus.

Still lots to do and the clock is counting down. Too bad I have to work today- and I should have left NOW and still need to finish getting ready.


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