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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick little update

Well, I'm waiting on three does to kindle. They were all due yesterday and Tim called me at work excited because the "broken blue doe had 2!"

Yeah... that had happened about 4 days ago. I love him, but he doesn't pay attention sometimes LOL!

Today we've got to run out and stock up on more rabbit food for the caretakers while we're in KY. I'm hoping to get him to help me clean out a few pans too!

I've got to get pedigrees printed and mailed out to the folks who purchased animals and make sure I've got everything we need as far as nails clipped, tats touched up, zip ties, business cards, a brush packed- etc. etc.

Maybe I'll do a post on all the crap I take with me to national shows? Though really, I travel WAY light compared to some breeders :D.

I'm having some thoughts still about the Belgians. I haven't quite decided what to do, but I'm happy to report Gem has gotten over her issues and is eating normally again, as is most of the herd! I think they were addicted to the conditioner I was using, I really do.

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