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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nestboxes in

I put in 5 nestboxes today. One doe I'm pretty sure was experiencing a false, since she'd already made an incredible nest about a week and a half ago. Still, she's getting a box, it would be just my luck to assume she wasn't going to kindle and then see her scatter healthy babies.

Of these litters, it's a first timer doe, two does who haven't kindled live litters yet, a doe who hasn't kindled for me yet and a proven mother. Should be interesting. :)

I've definitely decided after talking to Tim that I'll be selling some cages. I know for sure I'll have one 4-holer available. It's a two level cage, with two 18x24 holes on each level and one large connecting pan. It is used, so there is rust on it, though it's still got plenty of life left in it. Pictures to come soon :). I may let a pair of these type cages go, plus a few singles.

I can't do delivery on any cages because we don't have a vehicle big enough to bring them to shows and I'd have to charge a delivery fee to make a special trip somewhere.

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