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Thursday, April 15, 2010

JW Nationals, Part 2

The Wooly Coops

The show kicked off on two tables- Nationals was being judged by Bruce Ormsby, while Carla Wilson was taking care of the Specialty.

There was a bit of a WHAT moment when she went through the 24 self senior bucks and no placed almost half of them due only to hutch stain, ranging from barely there (like with Forest o.O) to significantly yellowed. It was... unexpected and different. I don't think I'd be off in saying a few people weren't thrilled with that, but what can you do?While watching Carla do her thing, we were all desperately trying to keep an eye on Bruce's table as well. With HUGE classes, there was plenty of down time to check out the sales animals that had been brought. I saw a few I wouldn't have minded bringing home, but I doubt they were in my price range and I had just let a few of my guys go as an early herd reduction, so it wouldn't have helped to bring a ton home!

Self Sr. Bucks being judged at Nationals
The show dragged on so long that ultimately for the Nationals show, they split it. Self Sr. Bucks were up on one side of the table, Shaded Sr. Bucks on the other. I can't thank Joni, Amber and Tim enough- I was freaking trying to watch my three self bucks, Joni and Amber watched the Shadeds for me and put them up on the table (with Tim's help). Then Tim came and ran to put my selfs back in their cages while I continued to wait. With a 3, 6 and 8 placing in a class of 24, I was tied up for a while.

I kept glancing over at Joni to see what was going on. After a few minutes, Amber said "You may want to come over here", so I left Tim and walked over. Joni said "You're Top Two." Ever the optimist, I asked "Which one?" This got me the strangest look from Joni and I said "Which one, Tryon or Cairo?"
Watching the shadeds go up for Group

I think it hit me at the same time she said it- both were still up. The exhaustion had seriously hit me at this point, along with the stress of both groups being up at the same time, but I think it was mostly just excitement- I had finally broken the barrier and would win a class. I had to walk away for a minute and let a few tears get by- it was incredible to realize a goal I've had since 2008 when I took 2nd at Convention. I think it's always a GOAL to win, but I mean one I thought I actually had a chance of achieving and relatively quickly.

Cairo beat Tryon, my perennial 2nd placer and went on to take BOSG. I'm still shocked and amazed- and even more thrilled that Tryon's SON did so well.

After the BOB judging for Nationals, we headed out- the Specialty was STILL going on. Poor folks!

We had hoped to catch a nap, but since it was nearly 5pm when we got to the hotel. We had just enough time to walk the dog and unwind a little before changing clothes and heading to the JW Banquet at Golden Corral.

Thank goodness we left early to get there- there wasn't enough room for everyone. We did get to share a table with Bruce Ormsby and his wife Tammy (I think that was her name- we're both apparently horrible with them lol!). I really enjoyed myself.

After the banquet it was back to the room for showers and collapsing in to the bed! After all, we still had one more day of showing.

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