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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bad Luck

Wow, not a very lucky week for me. I lost Kira's litter, pinched my finger in a cage (and that resulted in a HUGE blood blister), our vacuum blew up, got sprayed by a buck (who was promptly moved to the bottom cage- which he HATES), had some BIG trouble with our pet sitter and also am having trouble with a "friend" who loved to come visit the animals but now won't return my or Tim's calls. o.O Talk about an interesting week.

A holland doe, Amelia, kindled two LARGE, dead kits today, 5 days before her due date. I'm leaving her box in just in case she has something else. Not getting my hopes up though :(

I told Tim that I think it's a good thing there were no shows this weekend- with my current set of luck, something awful would have found a way to happen. We're just sticking close to home and waiting for the - well if not good luck, at least not bad luck to come back.

Oh, another bad luck happening- a load of laundry got washed with an ink pen in there, which burst in the dryer. So, you can either count it as bad luck for my work clothes, Tim's dress pants and some of his favorite tshirts, or figure we can clean cages in style now. :)

Thankfully, Whitney came to visit with her new Livestock Guardian Dog. I wish she lived closer, she's SO much fun to hang out with and makes everything better! :)

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