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Monday, April 5, 2010

A few new website pictures

I took a few new website pictures yesterday!

Keep's Tar Heel, a beautiful blue senior buck. This guy is small, but he definitely wows ya. He's in between coats right now. His brother is going out to California to live.

Lil Bit Farm's Melanie! I'm hoping she's pregnant :D. I'd love to see some little mini-Mels running around very soon.

Keep's Poplar. I love, love, love this buck. He's got enough legs to grand already and he's such a young senior! He's definitely a clone of his daddy Forest. I tried to sell this guy as a junior for cheap and no one was interested in him- I'm SO glad I held on to him! I feel like he needs to come with a warning though: Ears seen in pictures may appear larger than actual size. :lol:

Keep's Epiphany! She's been recently bred. I love the body on this doe. Unfortunately, she's one good look away from completely blowing out what is left of her coat and wool cap- and since she's going to Nationals with me, I know she'll wait until Thursday to do it!

Keep's Rabbitry

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