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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tan Herd Sell Out!

I can't believe I'm doing this. As you guys know, my tan program is fledgling. However, I've been keeping a spreadsheet of rabbitry expenses and whoa.....yeah.... I've got to cut down the herd a bit. So, the tans are easiest to move out right now, because I have less work in them.

user posted image
Keep's Yup- blue otter sr. doe- possibly bred, not available until after due date.
GC Byland's YES -(Smoke Pearl Marten) 6+ legs x Wendover's Napolean (black otter)

She's my POL, for sure. A really nice doe, I've shown her at only one show and she took BOG both times (no legs).

Keep's Maybe So- black otter sr. buck
GC Byland's YES -(Smoke Pearl Marten) 6+ legs x Wendover's Napolean (black otter)

MASSIVE head. Truly, truly massive. This guy is a bigger buck- I believe he's within showable weight, I'll check for interested parties. He's molting to the skin right now, and I had been selling him as a brood buck- but I recently pulled him out and decided no WAY was he going! He's really come in to himself.

user posted image

WWR Still Fly- black otter sr. doe (has potential to carry dilute) - possibly bred, not available until after her due date.
WWR Audrey Kitching x Wooligans/WWR Ro Sam Bo
Lines, lines lines! She's a nice doe, I'd like to see a bit more width on her head and I'd like her to be a touch shorter. I need to go out and feel her again, to refresh myself on her strengths and weaknesses.

Available in Ohio: These guys will not be available until Ohio. Sorry smile.gif

user posted image
user posted image

Keep's Burlington- Seal Sr. Buck -on temporary hold-
Woolians Raleigh x Hamilton's Lil Monty
Full Brother to Tryon - 2nd place Shaded Sr. Buck, ARBA Convention 2008.

This guy is an eager breeder and he's throwing me some goregeous babies. His son Durham took a Group win at this last show as a young junior. I love his head and ears. I'd like to see a little more width to his body, but he's throwing the width and very correct wool coats.

I have someone already interested in him, pending more offspring pictures, but please feel free to inquire. smile.gif

Keep's Dreamer- REW Sr Doe
Keep's Ashe x Hamilton's California Dreamin'

This girl is small. Very small. She's a little cottony in her coat, but she's not had a good, full coat molt. Her ears are a bit thin, but beautiful length. She has a nice head for her body size. Very nice body to her! My biggest fault with her is that small size. Because of that, I dunno that she can ever be competitive as a senior, though she tore the table up as a junior.

Keep's Ashe- REW Sr. Doe
Wooligans Aspen x Hare's Chesterfield
Aunt/Half Sister to Keep's Forest, 4th place Self Sr. Buck ARBA Convention 2008
Brood doe! BROOD BROOD BROOD. She's a bit longer than I like, nice head and ears! She likes to keep her coat chewed short ( rolleyes.gif ). She produces nice babies! I've bred her one last time before she goes. Definitely produces better than herself and would be a nice addition.

Keep's Rabbitry

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