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Saturday, January 17, 2009

GC Wooly Does for sale-

and some brood bucks..... :)

GC Byland's YES - Smoke Pearl Marten doe 6+ legs
Proven Doe, 2 1/2 years old.
Rosewood's Luke (1 leg) x Rosewoods Mariah- out of Erb's and Sloan's lines.

I got a beautiful litter of black and blue otters out of this girl, nice big heads, good wool, good bodies- 2 of the 3 were shown and got EXCELLENT comments- won BOV and BOSV as juniors. She's had her face chewed off, so she's not in a show prime, though she is still showable.

GC TB's Pretty Snow- REW doe
Proven Doe, 2 1/2 years old, Red/White Seal Registered
McKies Zrue (3 legs) x Erb's Pretty Baby - out of McKies and Erbs lines.

Pretty Snow is a larger doe, though still within show range- she can be shown still. She is proven, and is a great looking doe and excellent foster mother. Could carry dilute. She was Brandi's "ringer"- she ALWAYS placed well on the table.

Keep's Wishful Thinking- REW sr. buck.
Keep's Ashe x Hamilton's CA Dreamin' - goes back to Caudill's, Hare's lines- lots of nice animals in the pedigree.

This guy is a brood buck. He's got a very nice H/E, nice wool- generally a nice body, but he's a bit long for my taste. Has the potential to produce nice offspring, he's the nephew of Keep's Forest (4th place Self Sr. Buck ARBA Convention '08) and his dad keeps bringing up an EXTREMELY close 2nd to Keep's Tryon (2nd place Shaded Sr. Buck @ Convention).

BL's Attitude- REW Sr. buck
Rosewood's Luke (1 leg) x BL's Phoebe (3 legs)- goes back to Sloan's, Erbs lines. Grandson of TB's Pretty Snow

This guy is nice and small! He's not a pocket wooly by any means, but he's definitely downsized from Pretty Snow. I like his nice, small ears. Wish his head was a bit bolder, would like him to be a bit shorter His sister has won 2 BOBs and a BRIS- AS A JUNIOR! So the potential to produce nice is DEFINITELY there. Would be a good investment to get some excellent lines at lower price.

Will be attending Mocksville- can meet you on my way to Georgia on Monday as well. smile.gif

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