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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Perhaps I spoke too soon?

Bluebelle, the wry neck doe who is 95% healed, is currently nesting in the living room! We placed her in a small solid bottom cage with a thick layer of hay and the poor girl is wandering around looking for a suitable nesting place. I don't think she'd really do well with a box right now, and the only cages we have available right now are tiny anyway.

I need to remember to remove her water bowl and give her a bottle- it would be my luck that she'd kindle right in the middle of it!

Fingers crossed for healthy babies, she's a first timer who's been medicated for a while. Shoot though, at this point I'll just be happy for anything!

Definitely gonna be bringing in some does to the warm, happy, bright house! It'll be hard choosing who to bring in, but I'll manage somehow.

I plan on writing about what I do when I get my most successful breedings and my views on the all "veggie" no pellet diets and the dangers of feeding this when you don't know what you're doing.

So, a few good topics coming up!

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