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Friday, January 9, 2009

The old college try

Well-Bluebelle had 3, tiny, DOA babies. Hey- at least she's started! I can't help but wonder if they were affected by the Ivomec any, but you know- SHE'S STARTED! That alone makes me happy. I plan on rebreeding her immediately, either to Forest, who she was bred to this time, or to Tryon, who I'd LOVE to get babies from. Maybe Tryon...hmm. Though I want babies from both! Ahh, I'm feeling greedy this morning lol.

I haven't checked on the other does yet. Mainly because it's cold outside and I'm still in my pjs. I'll update when I know if I have other cause for celebration.

I plan on putting my does on the "Hay Only" diet. They are going to get a TON of hay and hay only until they lose some of this fat. I overfeed (especially in the winter!) and I think that's effecting my baby results- especially since this ton was one of the "thinnest" ones (by which I mean, not mildly obese like the others lol).

I'm going to have some very angry bunnies on my hand soon. But hopefully, they'll be very angry pregnant bunnies!

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4 Kings Rabbitry said...

Awe! I'm sorry about your doe, you're right though, at least she has had a litter. Hopefully you can get your girls ready to go again with the new diet. Good Luck Kristen-I'm gonna be watching for updates!