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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Doe with head tilt

Well, the doe who had head tilt due to the weather is doing much better! She's still tilted, but rather being at a 90 degree angle, she's now around a 30 degree angle! Her balance has improved greatly as well!

I'm still not 100% sure if she's pregnant or not, because I was unable to palpate her due to the freak out following the one attempt I made (she ended up rolling along the ground trying to get away!)

My plan is to put her in a solid bottom cage with plenty of hay as a thick flooring. That way, if she does kindle, at least the babies can snuggle down in to the hay, if she's incapable of making a good nest to keep them warm. If she kindles and some of the other does kindle, I'll try to do a fostering, to keep the strain off poor Bluebelle.

Ahhh well, we'll worry about babies when and if she has them. Right now, I'm just thrilled to see improvement!

Check out my website to see my newest pet, Roni, (I pronounce it like Rice-a-RONI), who is featured as the homepage picture!

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Lauren said...

I wondered where you got that lil cutie from! (and yes I finally figured out how to leave comments without having my password resent to me everytime, so I can leave dorky comments on your blog now. lol)