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Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Freaking COLD!

We're in single digits with a negative windchill here tonight, and have been for hours. Thankfully all the rabbits are locked up tight in their rabbitry.

Unfortunately. I've got four does due- one appears to not be pregnant, though the other three at least have a chance at kindling. I stuffed their cages extra full of hay, so all I can do now is keep my fingers crossed that they make good nests and check everything out in the morning! I'd definitely not be upset if they went late.

Due to the extreme cold, I relented and gave everyone 1/2 cup of pellets. It's just too cold to chance the does losing too much weight!

I'll hopefully have some exciting news to share in the nest few days- no promises because there are some variables, but I'm optimistic it will all work out!

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Anonymous said...

We're keeping our finger and paws crossed for your does! May you have pinkies in the nest soon :)

Oh, I noticed that you have mini dachshunds too! I love those little dogs!! My parents just brought home a 3mth old chocolate female.. I can't to see her when I visit them in a week's time!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, it never get's this cold down in Florida! 35 at the least, if that.

I'll cross my fingers for you bunnies!