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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Future of Keep's Rabbitry

All right folks, the Tan trio are all pending now, so thanks for those interested- I'll let you guys know if it falls through!

The Californian doe didn't have babies- hussy! Try, try again.

Now, to the most important news - the future of Keep's Rabbitry may not include Hollands.

Please- no emails requesting certain animals right now- as always RH and my blog will be the first place a sales list is posted, followed by my website.

I started out with hollands years ago. I've built my herd, rebuilt it, rebuilt it again- poured money, years, blood, sweat and tears (all literally) in to trying to make my hollands competitive. I've had some success- a few grand champions, legs, class wins- a nice little broken colored doe- but lately, I've had no luck when it comes to breeding. My last holland babies are now 7 months old or so. Yeah. I'm very upset and frustrated with the lops right now, so I've just put a definitive date on the hollands. If they don't respond to my efforts to breed them by a certain date, they will be sold.

Keep's Rabbitry

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