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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Five does due today- NO babies, no fur lined nests- just a lot of frustrations.

I'm getting irritated.

My first thought is "SELL THEM ALL". When I calm down some, my next thought is "I've got more due in a few days..."

Ugh, as the days tick by, we're getting closer and closer to Ohio. I wanted some nice juniors to show, it's looking like I won't have any worth taking- any I might get will still be babies!

I'm thinking I'll pick some of the larger carriers, pick the "most important" does, bring em in and keep them inside a few days, then try breeding- then bring them back in to stay a few more days before they go back outside. I am so frustrated right now!

Keep's Rabbitry

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4 Kings Rabbitry said...

Awe, I'm sorry to hear that about your does...I totally know that frustrated feeling.:-( I think it's a great idea to bring the does in, I'd love to know if it makes a difference in litter size too...I've heard that most breeders swear that just putting a heater in the barn makes a Huge difference! Keep us posted.:-)