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Monday, January 12, 2009

It appears to be working!

Well, just a few days in to the all hay diet, I'm getting some extremely hateful looks from my does and bucks! The bucks have been reduced down to a half cup like they should have been getting all along. No more "That doesn't look like enough food"...... half cup! End of discussion!

I picked out the "skinniest" doe, by which I mean the least fatty fat and popped her in a cage with my most eager buck- and I'm THRILLED to say he caught her 3 times! She even lifted on her own! Could it be working already?! I hope so!

We've also been running the rabbitry lights longer.

The third round of breedings are due on the 16th. We'll see how that works out. I *think* one of the does is definitely pregnant! Fingers crossed.

My first show is soon- Mocksville on the 24th! Hooray! I can't wait and I'll have several woolies and several hollands available for purchase :). So if you're looking for anything, lemme know!

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1 comment:

The Kings said...

Wow! What a difference it sounds like...can't wait to see lots of little babies next month! Whoo HOoo!:-)