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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Show and New Game Plan!

We had the mocksville show yesterday- where I discovered my rabbits are in bad condition! More about that in just a bit-

We went down Friday night and stayed with Brandi and Pete, who gave us the tour of their "temporary" new barn. All I can say is, WOW! I want it so bad. A nice, spacious barn, electricity, a beautiful outdoor area for the meatpens- it's beautiful! I'm planning on having Pete come out in another year and a half or so, when we move, and building something for me! WOWZA!

We all got up and headed to the show the next morning, where I officially discovered Keep's Durham is a black rabbit! I suspected this, since I flipped him Wednesday to check that all his equipment was fine for the show. Seals and Blacks are so close in color, I had anohter exhibitor ask me while my bunnies were on the table if Burlington was supposed to be in the shaded class! I appreciated it though, that would have been embarrassing to have him kicked off for being a self, but he was a seal, so in the right class :)

I lost quite a few placings on condition, but my highlights were still pretty good- Keep's Tryon took BOSG in the first show and BOG in the second, while Keep's Durham won his class the first show and got BOSG in the second! WHEE!

I talked with some folks who are interested in Belgian Hares, which is SUPER exciting! They also suggested writing up a contract that Belgians purchased at the discounted price must be shown for breed promotion- I LOVE that idea! I'm working on it right now!

Congrats to Brandi and Pete- who both won BOB, one is Show A and the other in Show B.
A huge congrats to their son Trace who took BRIS in both shows- with two different rabbits! He's not fit to be around right now!

So- the New Game Plan! As I've talked to folks and we've considered all kinds of factors (feed, weather, worms, etc) I believe the culprit is a combination of the flip flopping weather and frozen water bottles, leading to partial dehydration, despite our best efforts to ensure everyone got enough water.

I'm mixing oats and sunflower seeds back in with the feed (Purina Fibre3) and I plan on bringin in some Wheat Germ to help with production.

I'm also about to treat the entire herd with Corid. It's going to blow their coats sky high, but I'm hoping at least some will recover in time for the State Convention in March. If not, oh well, I've got my eyes on Ohio anyway!

So, wish me luck on my journey to get the condition back up on the herd, as well as getting BABIES!!!

Keep's Rabbitry

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