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Sunday, January 18, 2009

So excited!

My first show of 2009 is less than week away! WEEE!

I'll be eyeballing everyone tonight as I feed, trying to decide who to take! Entry fees are $3.50, so I surely can't take everyone I want to.

I'll probably take the belgians- it's almost a waste of a fee, because there is never competition- but at the same time, they need to be seen! That's what breed promotion is about- bringing them even though there IS no competition! It will be Jasmine's first show as a senior! I can't wait to see how the judges think she's developed.

I've got a ton of woolies to take- a senior that has finally molted her baby coat, a junior who's shaping up really nice- well, let's suffice it to say there are definitely "several" coming with me :).

As for the hollands- I've got a blue tort doe I'm dying to show- hopefully it will also help get her in the mood! We'll just have to see with the hollands. Part of me is saying "meh, leave them all at home and just show the woolies and belgians!", while the other part says "who cares if he's granded! Bring him! Who cares if he isn't mature enough? Bring him!"

I guess it will all depend on how much my entry fees end up being. I always start out with a list of EVERYONE I want to show, then cull down from there based on the maximum I'm willing to spend in fees!

Not to mention, with five sale woolies and two sale hollands, space could easily end up an issue!

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