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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seconding Guessing Myself

It's culling season. By which I mean, my babies are growing up! *sniffle, sniffle, tear*

So now comes the all important question, who do I grow out and who do I sell now?

A brief look over my holland babies indicates quickly my keeper, and my two culls. One is going to be a VERY nice brood doe and the other, while absolutely adorable, with nice qualities, is gonna be tiny. I think she'll go as a pet.

A glance over my 5 week old mini lops has me wondering though. Together, Tim & I culled 3 of the 7. But wait- they are only 5 weeks old! What ifs have been running through my head all day. What if I sell them and they pop at 10 weeks? What if the way they were pushing skewed the body more than I thought? What if I just posed them wrong? What if, what if, what if. I do know I took body in to account but not head. The mother to this litter has an amazing body, but her head has kept her from that senior leg that she needs to grand. As a junior, the body was good enough to earn her 4 legs.

I'm really hoping for the same great body, with a bigger head- aren't we all hoping for something like that though? "If only these faults were fixed..."

Ahh well, that's what each new generation gives us a chance to work on. If we don't cull the best fruits of our labor too early. *sigh*

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