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Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Babies!

We had 10 more viable kits born yesterday! One doe had a DOA that was horribly stretched, she obviously had a lot of problems with him. She also had a peanut and produced a kit on the wire that ended up dying, though I found him in time. I wonder if perhaps he had something wrong with him when I found him.

I fostered her peanut and healthy baby off to another doe, though perhaps I should have left the peanut with her as practice. Hmm. I do not cull peanuts at birth, but that's a whole 'nother blog.

One of my hollands presented me with a litter of 6! I couldn't believe it. My little buck Future really outdid himself this time. She was my first choice to foster to, but I felt she had enough on her plate.

My other holland doe had 3. So she's the lucky recipient of extra babies! Everyone give her a round of applause ;).

The English Angora I received that had been accidentally bred a few weeks before- she had 7. Oh yeah. There will be several colors available when she weans them.

I still have 2 does in this round of breeding that haven't popped. I'm going to try to palpate today, but both are a bit skittish and it makes it hard to get a hand on them.

I'm still amazed by all the babies in the barn right now! I love it so much and I finally feel like I'm making some progress with my breeding program, after the year of basically sitting around and twiddling my thumbs.

Oh! Some other news- I bred a Smoke Pearl Holland to my Sable Point buck, expecting smokes and sable points. Yep- 4 Siamese Sables in the box right now, 3 brokens and 1 solid. Ahhh well, if they have the type of their daddy, expect to see color make a comeback! :)

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