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Friday, July 25, 2008


Just a few little updates!

Aspen did pass her DOAs, finally! I was so worried about her, she's going to be leaving to become part of the foundation stock of a friend's wooley herd, I'd have hated for something to happen to her!

I've partially updated my for sales page and will be adding more animals soon! Free Transport will be available August 3/4th at different times on my trip, so if you are interested in something, let me know soon so we can hammer out details. So far, we've got mini lops, holland lops, woolies & angoras, with several pet animals on there as well!

We had a doe have her first litter! Unfortunately, the baby was a DOA peanut, but she's done such a great job on her nest, I can't wait to try her again.

We also had another litter of woolies born! EEK!

This baby boom is why so many animals will be added to the sales page! It's either move out rabbits or buy more cages- and I'm running out of space to put more cages!

The rat babies are ready to go to their new homes! They will be $3 each or 2 for $5. Dumbos and Standards, Males & Females, Blue & "special color I don't know the name of" available.

We're waiting on our barn cat to pop! She's pregnant *sigh* and we've been holding her hostage so we can tame her kittens and have her spayed before her wild black boyfriend comes back to the scene of the crime. We're asking $10 a future kitten to help us get her spayed/pay for kitten food. These babies will probably be excellent mousers & Mischa is Feline Leukemia Neg. :)

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