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Sunday, July 20, 2008

GREAT times!

Wow, Taylorsville was so much fun! We arrived around 4pm, and were some of the very first in the show room! I love getting pick of set up spaces! We weren't cramped at all and were happily near the show tables!

Things started out a little shaky- Keep's Burlington went from being a Black jersey wooley buck to a Seal buck! Oh no! I only kept him this long because I thought he was black and his brother was shaded. Now both bucks are shaded and I really don't need two ( I didn't REALLY need two before...). So, be prepared to see an EXCELLENT shaded buck available soon- as soon as I can choose between them!

I got his entry squared away and delivered Ca. Dreamin' to his new home with Joni at Lyle's Creek Rabbitry! He's so rotten, I'm going to miss him!

I made the mistake of going to visit Brandi at BL's Bunny Barn. I ended up trading Keep's Gorgeous for BL's Attitude, a little REW jr. buck. He's got LINES LINES LINES and is such a cutie! Last of his kind too, his sire passed away recently. They also presented me with a handmade Rabbitry sign that Brandi's husband Pete made for me, in exchange for some web work! It's fascinating and totally unique! I'll have to post a picture and see if anyone knows why it's so special.

I socialized a bit here and there and off we went!

My poor rabbits were so molty, but that didn't keep them from EXCELLENT comments and very nice placements! Most Noteworthy comment goes to Keep's Forest in both show A & B.

Show A: "This is my first place buck, but I have to place him second on coat condition only". Poor guy only had half a wool cap!

He also placed BOSG in Show B! This MAY be his 3rd leg! EEK!

I was very proud of all the woolies, they didn't get a bad comment among all of them! :) I was actually fairly pleased with most placings and comments, even though there were a few in the hollands that I didn't feel quite fit- comments I mean, more so than placings.

I purchased a new broken mini lop buck for Tim! I'm hoping this guy meshes well! He unfortunately pulled a tooth in his carrier, otherwise he'd have taken his class.

Tim called me to let me know that Keep's Basheba kindled 5 healthy kits last night! I'm so happy, she's a really nice doe who just needs more depth. If I can get that depth on her kits, you mini lop people had better watch out! Hehehe.

We all went back to Joni's house to spend the night- a night that ended around 4:30am. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone, though Marlee accused me of "talking too much". She could have gone to bed ;).

We did our first food cull this morning. Two Netherland Dwarves, a Holland and a pair of Mini Lops were our practice animals. Thanks so much Malena, for demonstrating the Broom Stick Method, something that really everyone should know in case of emergencies. Everyone banded together to help each other, and I have to admit, I wasn't totally prepared for every aspect of putting the animals down. It was SO quick though, I really don't think some of the animals know they are dead yet.

Joni gave a course in butchering. She did an AWESOME job, especially for her first time! The pelts will be tanned, we feasted on grilled rabbit for lunch and there was so little wasted- Celeste even did a mini BARF diet for her dog Melly. All in all, a fitting, useful end for animals too ugly to be show/quality brood animals and too mean to be pets.

I'm exhausted and only managed to clear a single hole in the rabbitry- but hey, I had a great time, brought home a new buck and two new does- it was a good day. :)

Thanks everyone, for putting up with me even though I "talk too much".

Keep's Rabbitry

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Celeste said...

LOL I had a great time "talking too much" with you!